YOUNG LAW OFFICE is a diverse practice with lawyers AND STAFF who place the client first.  WE ARE A BOUTIQUE law firm in Raleigh, NC that has provided leadership and high-quality legal services to individuals AND THEIR FAMILIES for MANY YEARS. In addition TO THE LEGAL SERVICE THAT WE PROVIDE, WE generously give back to the community, providing significant pro bono legal services and charitable contributions to local and national organizations every year.

About the Firm

For years the Young Law Office family has been here for your family. We are on the cutting edge of the law.  Our law firm remains at the forefront of issues facing families in the 21st century, whether it’s child custody, equitable distribution, trust accounts, or the transfer of property via an estate document. You can count on us to know and understand the law as it relates to your specific needs.

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Your Needs.

Our Focus.
The Gold Standard.

01 Your Needs   |  02 Our Focus   |  03 The Gold Standard

01 Our approach to the practice of law is to strive for the best possible outcome while minimizing disruption in the lives of our clients and taking care of YOUR NEEDS.  Each    of the firm’s attorneys keeps in mind that maintaining a constructive environment during a stressful time is the best way to work and offers the best possible outcome for each client.

02 OUR FOCUS is to build a positive relationship with each client and effectively respond to their ever-changing needs.

03 Young Law Offices is committed to understanding our clients’ needs and providing thorough, practical, quality solutions to address their challenges and opportunities. Our attorneys subscribe to the highest professional and ethical standards.  You will benefit from a commitment to service and value from a local law firm anticipating and responding to your unique needs.  We consider our firm THE GOLD STANDARD.

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Our attorneys and staff develop lasting relationships with clients.  Our clients see us as trusted partners helping to build wealth and solve problems when necessary.

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If you would like additional information on Young Law Offices or want to discuss legal representation contact us at 919-758-8644. You can also  follow us on Facebook and Twitter. 


Young Law Offices concentrates our practice to personalized Family Life & Wealth Planning (Estate Planning), Family Law for Fathers' Rights, and Social Security Disability.